Educational Resources - Buttons & multipage

When it comes to cannabis and the growing industry surrounding it, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. From blogs to vlogs, podcasts to scientific journals, there is a lot to filter through when trying to find the answers to our many questions on legality, safety, efficacy, dosing and more. We all want to ensure that the information we are receiving is current, accurate, and pertinent to our personal edification.


To make your search easier, Jade Green Consulting has compiled a list of what we have found to be the best and most reliable resources, spanning across a variety of mediums and topics. Whether you are new to cannabis or an industry veteran, here are some valuable resources to help navigate this consistently evolving space:

Never again in our lifetime will we be able to witness a global end to prohibition like what is happening in the cannabis industry today. The war against marijuana has resulted in a significant lack of educational resources and a plethora of misinformation and misconceptions. It is thanks to readers like you, consumers and believers in the “power of the plant”, that so much positive change is happening now. We encourage you to explore the resources above and share them with everyone you know- the more people that better understand the health benefits and economic value of cannabis, the faster we can transform the narrative and allow broader, safer, equal access to those that choose to consume.